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The Victorian Department of Health will soon release a new tool for the registration of your Victorian food business. 

FoodTrader will replace Streatrader for the registration of your temporary or mobile food business and will also provide a portal for certain fixed-premises businesses to digitally register and manage their food safety compliance needs.

Not all Victorian councils will immediately use FoodTrader for the registration of their fixed-premises food businesses. Your council will advise you if they are a participating ‘fixed premises’ council.

Why is FoodTrader being introduced?

Under the Food Act 1984 (the Act), all businesses and community groups involved in the sale and/or service of food in Victoria are required to register with their local councils and comply with food safety regulations. 

The Department of Health administers the Act to ensure the safe provision of food in Victoria to protect Victorians from food-related harm.

The Victorian Government’s Small Business Regulation Retail Sector Review 2016-18, recommended changes to the administration of food safety regulations to make it easier for food businesses to understand and comply with their obligations under the Act.

FoodTrader has been developed in response to the recommendations of the review.

What’s different about it?

When launched, FoodTrader will replace the current Streatrader registration portal. Although FoodTrader will look different, we’ve worked hard to ensure that its registration processes remain familiar to you. Where changes have been made, it’s because we want to streamline those processes and make food safety compliance easier for you.

So, what will change?

  • You’ll have access to your registration and compliance tasks digitally in one place, reducing unnecessary paper applications, travel and manual processes.
  • FoodTrader will have a new look and include new features and functionality that make it easier to use.
  • You’ll be able to register multiple outlets across each of the participating councils you operate in, reducing complexity and saving you time.
  • FoodTrader will provide you with one-stop, easy access to all your compliance documentation, such as inspection reports, statements of trade and certificates of registration.
  • You’ll be able to communicate directly with your council officers, and other regulatory stakeholders such as food safety auditors, to manage your compliance tasks and regulatory interactions.

Is FoodTrader for me?

If you operate temporary or mobile food premises, yes. FoodTrader will manage the registration process for all these premises, as Streatrader has done before. All Victorian councils will use FoodTrader for the registration of temporary and mobile food businesses.

If you operate a fixed-premises food business, you may soon be able to access FoodTrader to manage your registration and compliance activities with your local council. In 2023, some councils will switch to FoodTrader for the submission of fixed premises registration and renewal applications. If your local council is participating, they will inform you. 

How will I be supported?

Once the FoodTrader portal is live, all visitors to the Streatrader site will be redirected to the new tool and your business will receive an invitation to join FoodTrader via a web link. The FoodTrader web portal will support and guide you to setup your account using your existing email address. Once completed, all your current and temporary premises details will be available to you via the portal.

We’ve tried to make the switch as seamless as possible. If you require any support, you can contact the dedicated team at the department. Contact details will be on the new FoodTrader website. Your council will also be on hand to guide you.

Where can I find more information?

The FoodTrader website will be used to provide updates until the web portal is live. To visit the new FoodTrader website, go to:



Page last updated: 15 November 2022