How do I lodge a Statement of Trade?

Click on the Login button (circled in red) on the top right corner on the Streatrader website to access your account. 


Step 1 - Log into your account

Step 2 - Select the "Add New Statement of Trade Button"

Please be aware that this button is only available once your application for registration / notification has been accepted by council. If this button is not visible, contact your registering council. 


Step 3 - Select the premises you will be selling food from.


Step 4 - Search for your event using the event name, Suburb or Council. If your event is not in the list select the button at the bottom of the page and manually enter the details of your trading location.


Step 5 Select continue.



Step 6 Select the "Submit the Statement of Trade" button or add another statement of trade if you have additional events at which you are selling food.