Changing your premises classification

In Victoria, all businesses, organisations, individuals and community groups selling food or drink in Victoria must be classified according to the highest level of risk their food handling activities pose. The classification system is risk based, so that regulation is matched to the food safety risk that different food business activities pose to public health.

If you change your practices, resulting in a new classification, it is a requirement under the Food Act to notify your registering council. This notification can be done through your Streatrader account.  

Step 1: Login to your streatrader account. 


Step 2: Select the premises tab from your account overview.


Step 3: Select the edit button under the small tab named Active Application.


Step 4: Make the relevant changes to your premises by answering the food questions and once complete, check the 'I Agree' box and click continue. A new application will then be lodged to council.