Adding additional premises

At any time, additional premises can be added to your account. An additional premises is only required if more than one premises is operating at the same time in different locations. 

Example where a new premises is required to be added:

Bob has a business where he operates a fruit stall at a market every Sunday. Bob wants to start doing a second fruit stall at another market which also runs on Sundays at the same time as his other stall is running. Bob needs to list two premises (as he is operating in two places at the same time) and lodge a Statement of Trade for each location.

Example where a new premises is not required to be added:
Richard operates a single coffee cart at the Queen Victoria Market every Saturday. He decides that he would also like to trade at a Sunday Market at Federation Square. 

In this circumstance, the same premises (the coffee cart) is used at a different location, therefore no additional premises needs to be added. All Richard needs to do is lodge a Statement of Trade for the new event.

Steps for adding a new premises

Step 1: Login to your account.     


Step 2: Select the premises tab from your account overview.


Step 3: Select the 'add new premises' button.


 Step 4: Provide all of the required information about the additional premises and submit the application to your Council by checking all the 'I Agree' boxes and click continue.