How to reset your password

Step 1 - Select the forgot password link


Step 2 - Enter your email address in the top field, and select "reset password".



Step 3 - A message will appear confirming an email has been sent to you.


Step 4 - You will receive an email, select the link.

You should receive this email within half an hour of selecting “forgotten password”. Please check your junk / SPAM inbox to ensure that it has not gone to a different inbox. 

Occasionally people using private email domains (email addresses customised to their business/website etc.) can encounter an error preventing our emails from coming through. We are currently unable to resolve this as it is being caused by the users email account recognising the Streatrader email as SPAM. 

If you do not receive this email, we would encourage you to create a new account with a new email address. Hotmail, Yahoo, Bigpond and Outlook accounts rarely experience this issue. Alternatively, please call your registering council, as they will be able to assist you.



Step 5 - Enter your selected password in the first field, confirm the password by entering it again.



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