How do I get started?

To get started, go to Home and use the create login button.

Screenshot of Streatrader homepage. Text Size. A plus. A minus. Login. Register. Streatrader logo. Home button. About button. How to use button. FAQs button. Contact Us button.  The online registration tool for community groups and businesses selling food from a food stall, truck, van or cart. About Streatrader button. How Streatrader Works. Food Seller image. Food Sellers. If you are a community group or business Selling Food (link) from a food stall, truck, van or cart... Apply online image. Apply to your local council using the online Streatrader appliation tool... To Trade image. And when your application is approved you can sell food anywhere in Victoria by submitting a Statement of trade (link). Get started. Already a Streatrader User? Login button. New to Streatrader? Create Login button highlighted by red box. *New users will be re-directed to the Business Victoria Online website to create a user name and password, you will be taken to the Streatrader site to start your application.




Step 1 Select the sign up link

Step 2 Enter your email address and password

Step 3 You will receive an email address from Streatrader. Click on the link to complete the login process and get started with your application.

Need help? 
Visit our help page for further information.