Dairy products manufacturer

If the activity at this permanent site is the manufacture of dairy products, these premises must be licensed by Dairy Food Safety Victoria

Dairy products include pasteurised milk (including dried or condensed milk), cream products, butter, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream and frozen yoghurt. 

Ice cream or frozen yoghurt only

If your business makes ONLY ice cream or frozen yoghurt, you can also apply in Streatrader to register the building or other location at which you manufacture as an associated fixed food premises IF: 

  • ice cream and/or frozen yoghurt is the only dairy food that you make at this site; and
  • the milk you use to make the ice cream or frozen yoghurt is received from a supplier and is already pasteurised (eg packaged milk from a retail shop); and
  • you sell the ice cream or frozen yoghurt from a stall, hall or other similar site that you use occasionally or a van; and
  • your business retails all of the ice cream or frozen yoghurt from these sites or from one shop (permanent site). That is, you do not retail it from a chain of shops or “wholesale” any of it to other food business.

If your business meets the conditions above and you are currently licensed with Dairy Food Safety Victoria you can change over to Food Act registration in Streatrader when the DFSV licence expires. 

Retailing cheese, ice cream, other dairy foods 

If you retail your dairy products to the public (eg cheese, ice cream), these retail premises can be registered by council and you can apply to register this associated fixed premises in Streatrader. 

Wholesaling ice cream

If you wholesale any of your ice cream, you MUST have a licence from DFSV for your manufacturing site (your “fixed premises”). For more information, contact Dairy Food Safety Victoria.

Regardless of whether you can register your fixed premises or not, if you sell dairy products from a van or stall, or a hall that you use occasionally, you can use Streatrader to register or notify your stall or van or use of a hall.