About Streatrader

What is Streatrader?

In Victoria, all food premises are required to have a Food Act registration before selling food. This includes fixed premises, such as cafes and restaurants – but also temporary and mobile food premises, water carters and vending machines.    

Streatrader is the online registration database for businesses and community groups to register and notify their temporary or mobile food premises, vending machine or water carting business.  

Streatrader allows business and community groups to: 

  • Apply for a Food Act registration with their registering council,
  • manage their registration, and
  • lodge Statements of Trade for each of their events.


If you have any questions about Streatrader, please contact your registering council.  

Community groups often hold fundraising activities that involve the sale of food such as sausage sizzles or cake stalls.

These activities require a Food Act registration. 

Common examples of community groups who register with their local council using Streatrader:

  • Community groups conducting sausage sizzles or cake stalls
  • Community groups selling food at markets or festivals
  • Community groups cooking and selling food from a food truck or trailer
  • Schools holding fetes or festivals

Please see the community group resources page for more information. 

If you are a community group who is giving away food for charitable causes or only asking for a voluntary donation (e.g. gold coin donation), you are not required to be registered.

A temporary food premises is defined by the Food Act 1984 as a structure that is not permanently fixed to a site. This includes things such as a tent, a stall or a marquee. Common examples include market stalls or sausage sizzle stalls.

This also includes the temporary use of a kitchen not owned or leased by the food business. For example, if you are baking cakes in a hired kitchen to sell later, you need to register the use of this kitchen as a temporary food premises. 

The Food Act 1984 defines mobile food premises as a food premises that is a vehicle. This can include food vans, caravans or trucks, coffee vans or trailers.